Why Dexter Beef?

You’ll love this little local…

Dexter cows are native to Ireland, and they’re nowhere more at home than here at Castlescreen.


They love the lush grass, which grows naturally because of all lovely rain we get here in this part of the world.


Contented Cattle. Caring Farmers. Traditional Methods


Our happy cows produce naturally marbled beef that is distinctly succulent and gives a fuller flavour.


“The best roast beef in the world.”

John Torode


Plus, at Castlescreen, we dry age our Dexter beef for 30-35 days to really intensify the flavour.


Castlescreen Pedigree Dexter Beef is:

  • Fine textured, tender grass-fed beef with a distinct flavour

  • Dark, rich red-brown colour

  • Rich in natural vitamins and Omega 3.  Higher Omega 3 content than mackerel

  • Low in saturated fats

  • Recognised by high profile chefs for its quality, texture and taste

  • Distinctive traditional flavour, unique to grass-fed pedigree Dexter cattle

  • From contented cattle kept by caring farmers using traditional methods




Castlescreen Farm is a member of The Dexter Cattle Society who verifies that our Dexter beef is:


  • Registered

  • Fully traceable

  • From Pedigree Dexters individually certified at birth by The Breed Society

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